New Vibrant Show at Atelier 23

Jul 2nd, 2009 by carolford

Ronnie Ford TextureScapesAtelier 23 Today!  We have just hung a vibrant new show in our studio.  As well as Ronnie’s recent TextureScapes in summer mood, we are also privileged to show paintings from two very talented artists never before seen in Scotland.

“Supporting young artists who share my positive vision is one of my goals in life.  Giving what I never had, helping them on the road to fulfilment and success.”

Florida artist and winner of Lee County Alliance for the Arts Visual Artist of the Year Award, David Acevedo produces energetic portraits in vivid colours and dynamic textures, drawing the viewer to ponder and wonder. David Acevedo at Atelier 23

I saw a world of fantasy through a surreal window.  Saw what I needed to see and embraced it.  It is clear in my understanding and vision.  It is abstract in essence, but realistic in message.  I explore this ethereal world and submit to it hoping to strip from the everyday ordinary.”

Just fresh from graduating from Parson’s in New York and recently returned to his home in Hong Kong, Jonathan Jay Lee is already making a name for himself in the illustration world.  Having already completed commissions for  Hong Kong Magazine, Kronenburg Beer and Marvel Comics,  Jonathan, who is a former student of Ronnie’s,  is showing a series of very limited edition signed giclee prints from his original illustrations.  They are fresh and funky, but above all show phenomenal drawing skills and insight into human nature. Jonathan Jay Lee at Atelier 23

“My intention is to ignite a sense of emotion of some sort in the viewer, even non-art lovers, to perhaps encourage them to see something different in the world around them, perhaps inspired by the vibrancy in a piece of art, and give them the desire to think creatively outside of their normal boundaries. “

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