Still Life Show at Kranenburg Fine Art

Jun 3rd, 2009 by carolford

“GILDING THE LILY”  a mixed still life show opens at Kranenburg Fine Art this Friday evening – 5 June at 6.30pm.

Tiger Screen  20x20cm

Though known for his textured landscapes, Ronnie welcomed the opportunity to create 5 still life paintings for this exhibition.

“Painting a still life is a great exercise,” says Ronnie.  “For me it is an opportunity to hone my observation and recording skills and experiment with new ideas, but as always I like to try to find a new approach.  I chose some of my own personal collection of Asian artefacts and interpreted them with an unusual perspective, exploring the three-dimensional quality of the wrapped canvas.”

Beijing Tea“Tiger Screen” features a carved lacquer screen, purchased in Hong Kong, which explores the ancient and modern characters and symbols for the tiger.  The screen forms the main part of the composition creating a background, foreground and midground which focuses the viewer’s eye to the still life on the table.

The teaware featured in “Beijing Tea” was bought on a visit to the Chinese capital.  Red is an auspicious colour and contrasts sharply with the vivid green of the teapot.   The composition explores the space and shapes in a more abstract way.



Lilies on a Vietnamese gold lacquer bowl on top of a black opium table with the border of a tribal kilim, “Silence” refers to the ancient Chinese character on the wooden box, as well as the silence of the still life study.

The show runs till 27 June.

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