In between painting for exhibitions, Ronnie Ford does accept commissions of his work.

Cotswold House situated in Gloucestershire commissioned four large paintings for the new Montrose wing of the hotel.

In October 2005 Ronnie Ford received a particularly unusual and pleasing commission to paint a landscape for the birth of a client’s first granddaughter. The painting featured poppies and the island of Islay to celebrate the birth of baby, Rhea Islay.  Two years later Ronnie was once again called upon to create a work of art for her little brother, depicting Deer Grass and the isle of Arran for new baby, Mackenzie Arran. 

Another special occasion was marked by a painting.  A couple who had their wedding ceremony on the beach at Ostel Bay were gifted by family a beautiful work featuring the elements they loved about the bay and including the exact spot where they were married.

Following a recent exhibition in Hong Kong, Ronnie received 12 commissions for private and corporate clients, including a piece 2m x 1.50m for an art collector’s home in the New Territories.

Ronnie’s work is bought by individuals and organisations for unique gifts, private collections and display in corporate environments.

Take a look at Ronnie Fords exclusive range of Scottish contemporary art which can be reproduced to the size of your choice and supplied as a framed picture or stretched canvas. His work can be viewed by selecting recent work, exhibitions or archive links.