Critical Acclaim

Across the Summer Fields

Across the Summer Fields

“If you like colours, the sense of depth one sees in optical art and nature, you will fall for Ronnie Ford’s work. If you don’t like any of the previous, he will change your mind …. read full review here [PDF]
Rita Silva – writing for Cover Magazine

As far as the eye can see

As far as the eye can see

“If you were to classify the work of the painter, Ronnie Ford, you might say that in terms of colour it belongs to the ‘Vibrant School’ of landscape painting; reached by way of Van Gogh, the Fauves, Rothko, the Op artists Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley. And, of course, one would have to take into account the oriental use of strong colour harmonies to recreate the ‘chi’ or ‘life energy’ of any specific location. These landscapes are all about preserving the integrity of the place while expressing something of the feelings that were aroused in the artist by having been there …. read full review here [PDF]”

Ann Ellis – Art Critic

“Ford captures the spirit of the landscape marrying contrasting tones. His treatment of colour is lively and exciting. Add to this a palette of textural qualities that further qualify and establish a sense of invitation. Explore these works and join the numerous collectors world- wide who have been hypnotised by the powerful landscapes of Ronnie Ford.”
Margaret Lam and Natalie Watchman (Living today)

“I would go for any painting by Ronnie Ford. His work is so colourful and so soothing in contrast to city living.”
Christina Ho ( Art Director of ELLE Decoration Hong Kong) in the Wish List of what the ELLE team would like most to come home to.

“His work sells itself! It is amazing to see how people react to his work! the private openings of his shows at Galerie Martini have frequently overflowed the gallery space all the way down the stairs into the street.
Amelia Johnston (Director of Galerie Martini)

“The work has the most amazing crunchy textures and marvellous use of vibrant colours. I just love them! He is definitely one of the leading contemporary artists in Asia.”
Daniel Hindes (assistant director of Galerie Martini)

“Ford continues to explore the many branches of his work and constantly expands his impressive talents. Merging Western techniques with Eastern ideas, Ford’s works offer the onlooker a visual experience that is guaranteed to institute a surge in emotions and tantalise inquiring minds.”
The Connoisseur (Boutique International)

“Finding Ronnie Ford’s work was like discovering a shard of rare pottery on a beach”.
Gordon Hellens ( Fairlie)